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Robin Rathore

CEO | Bamboo Auctions

"RO Group are co-lead investors in Bamboo Auctions and their investment brings much more than financial support. Since closing our round, we have been introduced to potential customers, had exploratory sessions to identify areas of growth and had supportive strategic conversations that have helped us to scale up. RO Group is unlike many other investors, in that it has a diverse portfolio of business areas, each of which carry unique expertise that can support growing businesses."

Mark Witherspoon

Chairman |

We were delighted to be able to work closely with the ROCP team on our recent investment round. The process that we worked through together ensured that ROCP had a really strong understanding of our business potential and through their deep market knowledge, helped us unlock new value within our strategic plans. We genuinely look forward to continuing a close working relationship with the RO team as we collaborate on building long-term value for all concerned.

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