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RO Capital Partners is an early stage investor with a clearly differentiated offering that draws on the extensive entrepreneurial experience of the RO Group.


We have a significant real estate platform underpinning the business and provide broad based commercial experience borne out of over 90 years of investment activity in more than 30 different sectors. 

We are an active investment partner principally focusing on the following segments:

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The use of technology to innovate the built environment and real estate market.


Solutions addressing the challenges of environmental sustainability and the transition to a low carbon economy.

Member organisations
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Steve White

Steve White
Group Commercial Director


Steve is the Commercial Director of the RO Group and also leads the Group’s early stage investment activities, evaluating new opportunities, managing the portfolio and representing RO Capital Partners on investee company boards.  A Chartered Accountant, Steve has spent most of his career advising entrepreneurs on strategies to grow and realise shareholder value, working in corporate finance for several large accountancy practices.

The RO has a strong track record of growing and realising shareholder value and, as an investment partner offers a differentiated proposition:
  • Active engagement from a senior team of entrepreneurial individuals with experience in corporate finance, real estate and renewable energy

  • A real estate platform encompassing commercial, industrial, leisure, retail and residential development that can be used to facilitate and showcase product development, pilot deployments and case studies

  • Access to an extensive real estate, energy and finance network that can be leveraged to accelerate commercialisation

  • Follow on capital to support rapid growth and patient capital that is not constrained by the demands of external investors

  • Back office support across functions such as finance, HR and marketing

Investment opportunities would typically have the following characteristics but we are willing to consider businesses that are not able to demonstrate all of these attributes:
  • An established management team

  • An innovative solution that:

    • ​Addresses an identifiable problem in a market with scale

    • Has a defensible competitive advantage

  • A revenue stream or meaningful customer engagement

  • Our typical initial investment is £200,000 - £400,000 but we are willing to co-invest as part of a larger funding round up to series A.

We are typically looking to invest £200,000 - £400,000 as an initial tranche, either as lead or co-investor.

The RO Group

The RO is an entrepreneurial family company which has been in business for over 90 years.

Based upon the founding principle that the company is ‘In business to do business this straightforward direct approach has seen the RO thrive over the years through careful investment in a diverse range of interests, which continues to this day.

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